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US Virgin Islands Marriage License Application Requirements and Instructions

To obtain a Virgin Islands Marriage License, you must submit the following at least 8 working days prior to your arrival in the Territory, along with a money order or certified check payable to Superior Court of the VI for $200. There is no waiting period for either of you to be on the island, but the paperwork and payment must be in the Courthouse on St. Thomas at least 8 days prior to your arrival.

The Bridal couple must pick up their own marriage license, in person, from the Courthouse in St. Thomas prior to their wedding day. Photo ID is also required before the license is released to you.

Ceremonies of St. John is not allowed to apply for or pick up your marriage license on your behalf. The forms must be completed/filled out electronically, and then printed and submitted by the Bridal couple.

*Forms are available for download in PDF format.

Click on fields and complete the form(s), then print a copy to be mailed.

What You Will Need:

  • Completed Marriage License Application Form, using full names and no abbreviations. Document will be notarized by the Virgin Islands court.
  • Court Certified Copies of a Divorce or Death Certificate (if applicable). Do not send in the originals, as the documents are not returned to you. A Court certified copy means that you will find a notarized seal from the courthouse that issued the divorce located on the last page of the Divorce Decree. Call the lawyer that assisted with the divorce or the Courthouse that issued the Decree to get your court certified copy.
  • A $200 money order or certified cashier's check, payable to the Superior Court of the V.I.
  • A letter to the court explaining your arrival and departure date to the island and the name of your Officiate.
  • Court Closing Schedule - 2016
    Date Holiday Opening Fee
    January 6th Three Kings Day CLOSED
    January 18th MLK (9:30–11:30) $150
    February 15th President's Day (9:30–11:30) $150
    March 24th Holy Thursday (9:30–11:30) $150
    March 25th Good Friday CLOSED
    March 28th Easter Monday (9:30–11:30) $150
    March 31st Transfer Day (9:30–11:30) $150
    April 27th Food Fair (8:00–12:00 Noon) CLOSED
    April 28th Jouvert (8:00–12:00 Noon) CLOSED
    April 29th Children's Parade CLOSED
    April 30th Adult's Parade CLOSED
    May 30th Memorial Day CLOSED
    July 3rd Emancipation Day (9:30–11:30) $150
    July 4th Independence Day CLOSED
    September 5th Labor Day CLOSED
    October 10th Columbus Day (9:30–11:30) $150
    November 1st D. Hamilton Jackson Day (9:30–11:30) $150
    November 8th Election Day (9:30–11:30) NO FEE
    November 11th Veteran's Day CLOSED
    November 24th & 25th Thanksgiving Day CLOSED
    December 24th Christmas Eve (10:00–12:00) CLOSED
    December 25th & 26th Christmas Day CLOSED
    December 31st New Year's Eve (10:00–12:00) CLOSED
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Mail the application, payment for $200 and any necessary documents to:

Superior Court of the V.I.
Family Court Division
P.O. Box 70
St. Thomas, USVI 00804

If you want to overnight express mail your application and necessary documents using FedEx or DHL, use this address:

Superior Court of the V.I.
Family Court Division
5400 Veterans Drive
St. Thomas, USVI 00802

Two weeks after mailing the Marriage License Application form to the courthouse, call the courthouse at (340) 774-6680 and ask for the Marriage Department. Confirm that the court has received your application and request your Marriage License Confirmation number. Once you receive the Confirmation number, you will know that the license is prepared and waiting for you to pick it up.

What to take with you to the Courthouse on St. Thomas

You both have to go in person to the courthouse in St. Thomas, show a photo ID and sign for the license prior to your wedding day. Most couples visit the courthouse the same day they arrive in the territory as it is only 15 minutes from the airport and is open:

Monday - Friday from 8AM until 5PM

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays by appointment only.
Courthouse charges an additional $150.00 to open.

What to wear to the Courthouse

Although your attire may be cordial, wearing apparels such as flip flops and shorts are not permitted when appearing before the Court.

The St. Thomas courthouse is very strict about clothing allowed when picking up your license. Please dress as if you were going to court.
Not allowed: flip flops, shorts, tank tops, or miniskirts.

Click on the Notice image at right to enlarge and see the full list.

After the Ceremony

After the wedding ceremony has concluded, the Minister will sign the license and we will take it back to the courthouse and have it notarized for you. This is called a court certified copy of your license. The certified copy is mailed to your home address and is what you will use if you need to change your name with any Government agencies back at home.

Allow two to three weeks for the certified copy of the license to arrive at your home address. On the day of your wedding, you receive a signed copy of your marriage license for your records. However, your marriage is not legal until the courthouse certifies the document.